Welcome to Databutton

Where your data skills and creativity are all you need to build insanely powerful full-stack data apps
We want to make it super-easy for you to start building intelligent tools and have an outsized impact on your company or community. Way to many data scientists are either delivering insight upon request or is stuck configuring some data product. We know that you are at your best when you can solve problems with data and modelling. With Databutton you can really leverage those skills and rapidly deliver game changing tools directly to people.
In Databutton, you will be working with the following building blocks:
  • Pages - Multipage UI for your users
  • Jobs - Run & Schedule powerful backend jobs
  • Libraries - A place to write your own libraries
  • Data Storage - A simple put/get data store for tabular, dictionary, and file data
Check out these and more in the Core Concepts section.
Using the building blocks, you can rapidly solve problems with an insane array of powerful data apps. Happy coding!
Last modified 1mo ago