Welcome to Databutton

The low-code toolkit for creating AI web apps, without a dev team, and in record time.
The AI revolution is upon us and it is opening up enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs. Databutton is here to enable you to act on the opportunities you see. No more high upfront costs, long development times, and questionable margins.
In Databutton, you will be working with the following building blocks:
  • Pages - Multipage UI for your users
  • Jobs - Run & schedule powerful backend jobs
  • Libraries - A place to write your own libraries
  • Data Storage - A simple put/get data store for tabular, dictionary, and file data
You will be aided by the very helpful (but overly confident)
  • Databutler - The AI powered Databutton assistant
Check out these and more in the Core Concepts section.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on Discord, Email, or using the chat bubble inside Databutton.
Happy coding!
Last modified 25d ago