๐Ÿ‘‹Welcome to Databutton

The app generation platform for rapidly prototyping, communicating and validating ideas, without a dev team, and in record time.

The AI revolution is upon us and it is opening up enormous opportunities to launch new game-changing apps. Databutton is here to enable you to act on the opportunities you see. No more high upfront costs and long development times.

Databutton is an app generation platform. You build apps in a conversational manner โ€“ Databutton acts as your app development expert, being great at writing and executing code and collaborating with you on problem solving. You are still in the cockpit, though, and need to provide your domain, business, and data expertise in order to build the right apps.

Databutton specializes in building AI applications โ€“ whether it is a chat experience on your knowledge base, an AI workflow support tool to cut manual processes, or ways to add more personalization to your communications.

Databutton apps are full-stack, built on React and Python (FastAPI). If the app isn't exactly as you want it, you can always use the code editor to directly manipulate the app's look, feel, and functionality.

We've compiled playbooks, tutorials, and tips and tricks for building apps in Databutton and making an impact with AI. We hope these give you inspiration and also help you on your journey.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on email or using the Intercom chat bubble inside the product.

Happy building!

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