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Prompting UI efficiently

The most effecitve way to build the UI you want (if you know what you want) is to give a pretty precise ask.

Example prompt 1

I want this page to have: 1. An ruby colored navbar card on top saying "ChatYourPdf" 2. A light grey white background gradient 3. A white card on the left for preview of PDFs that says "Add PDF" in the middle, and that pops-up a popup on click 4. A card with a full chat on the right with a messages box, a place to enter messages, and a submit button. 5. I want all buttons to be black with white text and square corners 6. Make sure that the PDF preview card is identical in size to the chat card

Example Prompt 2

I want to build an SEO helper app. It should have 1. a big black navigation bar saying "SEO Wizard", 2. a white input card with shadow in the middle where users enters a url with "https://www.databutton.com" as placeholder. Ensure that the card is not small and says "Enter your url" 3. A big "Suggest posts" button in solid black with white text as part of the input card

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