🧠Brain Building Phase

Building the core backend functionalities — Python endpoints . We call them as "Capabilities"

The Brain Building Phase is where the technical magic happens - each selected capability from the Ideation Phase morphs into a FastAPI endpoint, ready to connect with the UI in the next creative phase. Few of the key tasks executed by the Brain Agent:

  • Blueprint to Backend: Sketches out the roadmap, turning abstract ideas into a list of precise tasks. Constantly engaging with the end-user and iterating on the laid out plans.

  • Collaborative Self-Executing: Adept at autonomously writing and executing Python code in a Jupyter notebook-like environment. Whenever it encounters a problem or bugs — it identifies the underlying issue, displays it, and engages in constant communication with the end-user. Consider it a continuous developer assistant throughout the coding process!

  • Functional Endpoints: Every capability is finalised as a functional FastAPI endpoint. The agent could achieve this in no time, preparing for the next phase — making the endpoint available for the UI developer agent.

  • Secret Management and Data Storage : From managing secrets to handling data storage, it's all taken care of, including the seamless integration with Databutton's endpoints and libraries.

  • Package Installation: Effortlessly manages package installations, ensuring the endpoints have everything they need to operate flawlessly.

  • Accessing Knowledge-base: Knows its way around popular Python packages and the latest AI tools. If it stumbles, just share with it some code or an example—it learns quickly!

If we look at the code generated by the Brain Agent — the databutton_app module is responsible for directing requests and data to the corresponding destinations in the front end.

from pydantic import BaseModel
from databutton_app import router
import databutton as db

Assisting the Agent with external documents or code snippets significantly enhances the development process!

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