๐Ÿ”—Bridging the Brain with the UI

Connect backend API endpoints with frontend seamlessly!

A key task of the Builder Agent is to integrate the functional endpoints with the front end. The Agent is smart at understanding which parameters or return objects should be considered.

Tag any existing capabilities using the hash # symbol in the prompt with a brief reference for implementation. If you press #, all the available capabilities will pop up!

Here's the specific code for this task (don't worry, the AI handles all the coding). This shows how it's used in action:

import React, { useState } from "react";
import brain from "./brain";

The custom library named brain, is designed to handle backend capabilities, integrating them with the React front end of the application. This module includes functions specific to interacting with the backend FastAPI service. For instance,

const response = await brain.ai_image_analysis({ image_url: imageUrl });
      const data = await response.json();

Bridging the right backend and UI components can be easily done with a hashtag (#) reference.

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