Jobs & schedules

Jobs are a way for you to schedule Python code.
Type code on the left, see terminal ou
With Databutton, you can create jobs that run on the schedule(s) of your choice depending on the plan you are on. This enables you to you to create alerts, notifications, or do regular heavy computations.
Whatever code you write in a Job, it can be scheduled to run exactly how you want. Often, people use jobs to pull data from somewhere, do some calculations, and store it, or send notifications.
Examples of typical use cases are:
  • Scrape data from a data source
  • Do batch predictions on new elements in a data set
  • Send alerts or notifications if anything important has happened
Note: There's a timeout on 30 minutes on jobs. Please contact a Databutler via Discord or the chat bubble (bottom right corner of your screen) if you need to increase the timeout.